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Inclusive to Everyone

Our resources and meet-ups are available to all, so everyone can join. It doesn't matter whether you're a security sensei, or a technology enthusiast. If you are interested, you are welcome to come along! Why wait? Join our slack channel today and become part of the CSC community!
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Networking & Events

Join like-minded professionals, be inspired and energised, grow your network, get technical and learn & share at our community focused CSC events. Have something exciting you have just set-up or discovered how to do? Share with the community or come along and discuss over some pizza.
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Tailored Resources

At Cyber Scotland Connect we want to keep community members in the loop of exciting and informative things happening near you. As a result we have done our best to collate relevant events, information and resources for you to explore and attend as you wish.
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Community Moderators & Partners

Our community moderators and partners, are champions for CSC. They span different areas of the security landscape to provide Cyber Scotland Connect with a holistic and balanced approach to adopting new ideas and tweaking existing approaches. This empowers us to continue putting our everyone at the heart of what we do.
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our journey so far...

  • 2018
    Founding CSC
    CSC was created out of the merging of two flourishing Scottish Info Sec meet-ups. Lead organiser of Security Scotland Stu Hirst, and lead organiser of Scotland Connect Harry McLaren decided to bring these groups together to diversify and unify a thriving Scottish security community under Cyber Scotland Connect.
  • 2018
    Planning Activities & Discovering Moderators
    Creating and implementing a plan for Cyber Scotland Connect meet-ups and activties. Discovering and on-boarding a group of community moderators consisting of; industry leaders, practitioners and aspiring technologists.
  • 2019
    Hosting CSC Volume One
    Successfully hosting, running and receiving feedback on the newly launched Cyber Scotland Connect meet-up. It was fantastic to see so many new faces and attendees! We missed those who couldn't make it, but we love that our community continues to grow!
  • 2019
    Our Digital Presence
    Designing and developing the CSC website and relevant resources. Collating interesting events and creating a centralised calendar for community members to view events happening locally. Distributing CSC group information and creating an accessible slack channel for community members to join and engage with.
  • 2019
    What Next?
    We have a lot of exciting ideas and plans that are currently in the pipeline, please check back soon to stay up to date, or reach out if you would like to get involved.